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Seeking Host/Co-Producer for Podcast Project

Thank you for your interest in this new project from Paladin Consulting Detective.

Currently, I'm seeking a host and co-producer for a limited series audio podcast of 5 episodes, to be released after all episodes have been produced. 

The Podcast

This limited series audio podcast, currently untitled, will approach the true crime genre from the unique point of view of the private investigator, with each case/episode having a local or regional connection. Each episode will have a distinct theme:

  • Cold case: draw the national public's attention to a local/regional cold case of note

  • Research: a journalistic investigation of a topical issue of local/regional importance with national relevance

  • Unsolved mystery: investigation of the strange, unusual, and/or occult local legends & urban myths

  • Conspiracy buster: a systematic investigation to separate real facts from false & fake conspiracy theories

  • Working detective: a look into the inner workings of the PI biz

Who am I looking for?

The best person for this job is mature, intelligent, inquisitive, trustworthy, and reliable. The best person for this job is a dependable independent worker who can complete assigned tasks on time with minimal supervision. The best person for the job has a calm, insightful, knowledgeable, engaged and engaging "storyteller" vocal presentation. The best person for this job has a love for the nuts & bolts of research, interviewing, writing, travel, and audio production. The best person for the job has a strong sense of personal and professional ethics. The best person for this job understands and values verifiable facts produced by empirical research, in bold defiance of all that is fake and false in media and social discourse today. 

What will the Host/Co-producer do?

First and foremost, the Host/Co-producer will be the on-air, online voice of Paladin Consulting Detective, and must represent me and my brand in the very best light. The Host/Co-producer will be a media collaborator and partner. As Co-producer, duties may include research, interviewing, (co-)writing scripts, audio podcast production, podcast uploading, and promotion. As Host, you will record the scripted narration for each episode. 


What are the Host/Co-producer's essential qualities, knowledge and skills?

  • Wichita native with deep local & regional knowledge

  • Journalism and/or social science research experience 

  • Podcast, voice acting, or on-air radio experience; preference given to female voices

  • Proficient in audio production and editing techniques & technology, knowledgeable in podcast uploading & distribution

  • Social media savvy essential; demonstrated experience in online promotion & sponsorship 

What will be the Host/Co-producer's compensation?

It's best to think of this as a paid internship. I will pay you a set, non-negotiable fee for the completion of all 5 episodes of the limited series. Further compensation, if any, is strictly dependent on the popularity and revenue potential of the podcast. 

How do I apply to be the Host/Co-producer?

Please send your PDF resume and a short (3 minute max) personal introduction MP3 by clicking the button below. Emails without a PDF resume and MP3 introduction will be ignored. This position remains open until filled by the very best person for the job. 

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