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Speaking Engagements & Public Presentations

PALADIN CONSULTING DETECTIVE is available for speaking engagements, public presentations, panel discussions, conferences and seminars. For audiences large or small, including civic and community groups, schools, business associations, professional development sessions,  and special interest groups.

Available topic include:
The Missing Persons Spectrum
"Not all who wander are lost." An examination of the theory, methods, and approaches to the many kinds of missing persons investigations.

The Romance Scam Online
As old as mass media itself, the romance scam has grown dramatically in recent years, victimizing thousands and taking in millions of dollars. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from this online menace.
IRL Information Security
Careful as we may be with our online information & data, we seem to forget all the daily, in-real-life ways our privacy and information can be at risk. Learn simple & effective habits to keep all your personal data safe.

The Private Eye in Fiction and Fact
From the lurid tales of pulp magazines, to the film noir screen, to the television series, the "thrilling adventures" of detectives and investigators have long been a staple of crime fiction entertainment. Compared to  fictional characters and the public perception, the real work of actual private investigators is often much more challenging and interesting.

Lessons from the Great Detectives

An overview of some of the great fictional detectives in literature, film and TV, examining their methods, characters and cases, with comparisons and applications to actual investigations.

Better Than Batman
A brief, tongue in cheek overview of what a real private investigator does to find the facts, as compared to the methods and tactics of the World's Greatest Detective himself.

How NOT to be a Private Investigator
My own (often humorous) story of becoming a licensed PI, and my continuing work.

Specialized topics for your group or interests can be developed if time permits. Presentation content can always be adjusted to be most appropriate for your event and audience.  Most engagements are free of charge, except presentations for professional development sessions, or participation in panels, seminars, or events at which speakers/participants are usually compensated.  

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